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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My love of Photography!

Ever since I was a child I have loved photography. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 yrs. old I won an art contest at my school. The assignment was on creating a piece of art that was a series. Ironically I did a series of wedding photos. Of course I was only 9 and no one would of course hire me to do their wedding photography so I used my cabbage patch kids to create a wedding scenario.
I have always loved photography as a creative tool of expression and also how the camera is such an amazing tool to document events. Here recently the realization of how important it is to document life events has really hit me. Recently my father died and after he died one of the first things my family did to get through the pain of our loss was we all got together and went through all my dad’s old photos. We found so many wonderful old images we had never seen before. There were so many images of my dad when he was a baby, in college, and the army. The most amazing images were of my mother and father dating just hanging out at the beach, sitting on my dad’s old vintage car, and of course their wedding images. We created a timeline of his life w/ all the images we found and created a slideshow. The slideshow was so incredible to watch. The timeline of my father was very emotional he was such an amazing man and had a beautiful life. I was just so happy that we had all these amazing images to look at now that he is gone. When a loved one is gone all you have left to remember them is photos. Of course there is video too which I love but to have photos displayed in your home and in albums to look at when you are missing them most is very soothing. I have always been aware of how important it is to document important events in life but now I REALLY truly understand on a different level how important it is and my love for photography!Below is one of the last images I took of my dad during my niece's wedding ceremony (he is the older man to the left). My dad was a pastor for yrs. and prayed over my niece during her ceremony.

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